ALLESWUNDER BRINGS A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE is the first and unique online store in the world that adheres to such innovative marketing policy as providing annual guarantees for clothes and shoes, and the more, canceling mandatory returns for customers when sending a new product.

All buyers, purchasing our clothes and shoes with a one year warranty in our online stores,,,, have the opportunity to get a new product without returning previously purchased. This convenience is especially important in remote regions and will effect to increase demands. Alleswunder always presents the latest models of clothing and shoes for the new season. In the Allesvunder online store you can find both the most popular new items and exclusive items from modern designers at affordable prices.


We selectively compile our catalog with products that will not only satisfy but also please our customers. We believe that all of our AWQuality-certified products are worthy of worldwide attention and respect.

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ALLESWUNDER BRINGS A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE into the shopping of clothing and footwear


There are legends about the Turkish atlas and velvet, women's Turkish dresses are famous all over the world. It was on the Turkish lands that the first fabrics were created at the dawn of mankind, when from a way of protection from the weather, clothes turned into art, into an instrument of creative expression. In this sense, Turkey can be confidently called the cradle of the art of dressing elegantly, where the idea of ​​aesthetic expression through clothes has developed and passed on as value - from generation to generation.

Turkey is one of the leading manufacturers of textiles and clothing in the world.


I am proud to be a member of the innovative Alleswunder project team. We send beauty and joy from Turkey not only to all corners of Russia, but also to European countries. Our common goal is to develop new markets and expand the geography of sales of quality Turkish products around the world.

Yeliz aydın

I am pleased to be able to constantly develop and expand my horizons, working as a team at Alleswunder. Participation in such a large-scale project of the rapidly growing sector of fashion and Internet marketing requires the ability to combine creativity with logical analysis, and innovation with a competent approach to stereotypes. The secret of the popularity of our products is not only tracking today's fashion trends, but also forecasting new trends. To be one step ahead of everyone, you need to be a little predictor.

Hicran anadolu

The Alleswunder concept is a thorough study of consumer expectations at every stage of the buying process. We try to give customers a mood by creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort. The high level of competence and professionalism of our employees allows us to maximize the bar of service quality, the basis of which is an individual approach to each client.

Irina Kharchenko, Alleswunder

I know very well how my compatriots love Turkish clothing, so I am happy to create for them the opportunity to choose it from more than 100 thousand items and get it even in the most remote corners of Russia. You no longer need to travel to Turkey for clothes, just make an order at Alleswunder, and the clothes will be delivered directly to your home. Everything is easy and wonderful with Alleswunder! I believe that Alleswunder will change the relationship of sellers and buyers in Russia, and the joy of buyers will be the main value of sellers.

all for the beauty of women

We believe in a world where trade should turn into an honest, healthy energy exchange, and such trade will give us freedom of thought and choice, instead of gluttony and the eternal pursuit of earnings and profit.

all for the beauty of women

“Clothing from Turkey in terms of export volume ranks second in Europe, second only to China. Over the past 20 to 30 years, Turkish textile manufacturers have won huge demand in the world market using effective methods for the production of high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories. They paid increased attention to marketing issues.Turkey orders for mass production of products by world-famous brands and fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Versage, Pierre Cardin and others are now placed in Turkey. yayutsya the European Union, and then sold out at a higher cost."


  • High quality own raw materials - a lot of high-quality cotton is grown in the country;
  • Specialization of the country's economy in the textile industry - its share in the total turnover of more than 25%;
  • Cheap labor resources compared to European countries;
  • Good competitive environment;
  • Application of advanced technologies in production, following modern designs and trends in world fashion.
Thanks to these components, today Turkish clothing is popular in many countries, including Russian. It is affordable, practical and durable, male and female fashion for the current season is noticeably manifested in it. "Http://