Alleswunder redefines the way of online shopping, in particular it brings a revolutionary change into the retail world.

The times when you were faced with the fact that you received a completely different product than you ordered, and you were forced to go through a long and tedious process of return (calls, repacking, running around courier services, waiting for a replacement product or money back) are in the past. Brace yourselves to experience our most prized 'AWQuality No-Returns Policy.'
Alleswunder предоставляет один год гарантии для одежды и обуви в пределах стандарта AWQuality.

Alleswunder is changing the seller’s relationship with its customers.

The responsibility that the seller bears before buyers should not be limited by the manufacturer’s warranty period. The period of use of any clothing or shoes is at least one year, so the seller must guarantee that the purchased clothing does not reach the state of wear during this period. Therefore, Alleswunder provides a one-year warranty for clothing and footwear within the scope of the AWQuality standard.

Being the first and unique online store

Being the first and unique online store in the world that adheres to such innovative marketing policy as providing annual guarantee for clothes and shoes, and the more, canceling mandatory returns for customers when sending a new product, Alleswunder reaches a large part of the consumer audience that does not want to deal with returns.
All buyers, purchasing at Alleswunder the clothes and shoes with a one year warranty, have the opportunity to get a new product without returning previously received.

One year warranty

Alleswunder is a unique online store that provides an annual guarantee for all clothes and shoes.

By a 100% quality guarantee, we understand that if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the goods, you have the right to receive a new product for free, and you do not need to send us the previous product. When re-shipping, you pay only shipping.

If during the year our customer are dissatisfied with the purchase for any reason, we immediately send a new product upon customer’s request without the need to return the previous one.

In case of dissatisfaction the product purchased from us even it looks worn out or you have a claim to its quality during the year, we will send you any new product free of charge to the extent of the cost of what you bought earlier. In this case, the first product also remains with you. It is very important for us that the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. You pay only shipping.

This convenience is especially important in rural areas, provinces that effects to increase demands.

Alleswunder pays great attention to the quality and models of all products, regardless of the brand or name of the designer.

Right to a new product

The right to a new product, which is provided by our AWQuality policy, is a completely new experience for the buyer. Our policy ensures that even if you change your mind (during the year) and decide that you want to receive a new similar product or a product of the same type (equivalent in value), you can receive a new product, we will certainly send it.

All items are shipped by DHL Express Shipping or a similar first-class courier company within 48 hours of your request.

How it is possible?

This is not just a sign of the trust we have in the quality of our products but most importantly about our belief in the honesty of our customers and ensuring a great customer experience. This innovative approach of handling returns also implies that the products received by our customers are crisp and have never been touched before.

Alleswunder team believes that, a majority of the customers will not request for a new product as replacement unless they experience some kind of dissatisfaction with the initial one. We consider this as the essence of online shopping and that the shopping conditions will have to begin to change and this revolutionary way of replacement (instead of requesting to return the previous one) as a basic consumer-right and start demanding it from others too.

The AWQuality policy does not apply to goods purchased with the discount more than 15% or for a coupon in excess. For stock items, the usual return procedure applies.
AllesWunder Team